Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jumping Cookies

Clean eating tip number one.. never let yourself go hungry! 

Here I am staring at the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies my mom just made. Side note: I really like cookies. It was one of the hardest things to give up. Anyways back to the drooling. It had been a long stressful day at work and I did not stick to my eating schedule. I came home late litterally STARVING and wanted to eat everything in the house. I needef food and fast but I was already past the point of hungry. All of a sudden one of those little cookies jumped into my mouth. It was a heaven overload in my mouth. Ohh my goodess so good. My brain wanted more and more! Veggies and chicken no longer sounded appetizing.  I wanted junk food! This was the trend of a very painful night. My stomach was angry and it was all because I let myself get hungry. Oh and the jumping cookies.

Never let yourself get hungry!  And no I don't mean eat all the food... maintain a goos base line. Keep your blood sugar steady.

This is something I have struggled with. Eating six small meals a day! Are you crazy? I barley have enough time to eat three and think of all those calories. Wrong! Eating six small meals a day helps fuel your metabolism, making it faster, and burning more calories. This is what we want! When you let your body and or brain go hungry we experience blood sugar spikes which can lead to fat gain, and unhealthy cravings. So put down that cookie and fuel yourself with protien and produce, six times a day if you have to.

As for that cookie it really affected my performance the next day. Bad cookie.

Over and out,